Calm your mind

Here we are on National Stress Awareness Day and so I thought I’d do a little post about taking time out for yourself. In this fast paced world with 24 hour news cycles and constant streaming social media it can be very hard to get moments of peace. You have to ask yourself some fairly simple questions though. Does that email need replying to at 9pm, do you need to see your ex classmates holiday photos at 11.30pm after tucking yourself in and how many times do you need to refresh twitter before you tire of the ‘noise’ for yet another day?

Taking time out for yourself is not only recommended, it’s now obligatory. Without that time away from the noise of internet traffic thundering across your screen you are undoubtedly going to burn yourself out. To be a more productive human being I’d recommend actually setting yourself time limits or cut offs for tech usage, no screens after 8pm for example. Do whatever fits around your business and your life but remember to give yourself that break from noise for a period of time everyday. Leave the phone in another room, shut down the computer and tablets and just sit and be. Appreciate the world around you and reconnect with yourself.

There’s been a lot of talk about mindfulness recently and the NHS even have a great piece on their website regarding this. if you’d like the link to have a look. Take some time to have a read and try to make time in your day to relax and calm your mind.


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