Ending the stigma of Mental Health

Below is a link to a great article on the BBC website regarding Mental Health. It tells the tale of a Mental Health Nurse who rose through the ranks to become a director in the NHS. She’s suffered with small bouts of ‘mild to moderate’ depression through the years but managed to cope with it using different techniques and services. During this time very few of her family and friends knew of her trouble, isn’t that amazing, that a Mental Health professional who worked day in day out with other folks with similar issues was conscious of the stigma attached to Mental Health.


Eventually the depression deepened and she required hospitalisation. She’s very bravely come out and shared all of this and praised the service that helped her, yet it remains a postcode lottery for most in her situation. The service she used she found fantastic but others across the country unfortunately won’t be so lucky. Cuts have been made year on year to many of the Trust’s providing this care, beds are reducing and services are feeling the strain with 1 in 4 adults now suffering with a variety of Mental Health issues.
This isn’t a political post on our part but one to highlight the need to talk to each other about our Mental Health. Mandy Stevens, the lady in this article, finished it off by saying, “My first message is to reach out to people. Speak to your close family and friends about your mental health, and start opening conversations about it. Don’t say ‘I’m okay’ when you’re not okay” and I think those are wise words indeed.


Well done Mandy Stevens for sharing your story and helping to end the Stigma attached to Mental Health.

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