Freedom Care


Plus a nice increase in the hourly rate if you work any last minute shifts for us!

You work hard for us so we pay you a great hourly rate, it’s only fair. We’re in need of hard working, friendly, reliable Healthcare Assistants to join our great team and benefit from the excellent rates that we pay. You provide us with a first class service, flexibility and reliability and we’ll give you a top notch pay packet, uniform, DBS, training and mileage allowance. You’ll need to have at least 12 months experience in a formal care setting and drivers are preferred due to the varied nature of placements.

Pay rates start at £12.12 per hour for weekday daytime shifts but that increases to £13.24 if the shift is last minute (within 24 hours of booking). Daytime weekend shifts go up to £13.62 per hour with a nice bump to £14.74 for those last minute shifts. Night rates are £12.62 per hour for weekday daytime rising to £13.74 with the last minute increase. Friday nights attract a rate of £13.13 per hour jumping to £14.24 if they’re last minute. The weekend night time rate is £15.12 per hour going up to a beautiful £16.24 if it’s a last minute shift.

We don’t believe you’ll find many agencies offering better rates than we do, we’re not saying we love you more but facts are facts right!

Give us a call on 01626 685879 or email to start the conversation and we’ll get you signed up and working with us in no time.