Working Less Hours In Healthcare

In a time where people think it’s the norm to work the usual 9 to 5 routine with a strict set of hours, it’s refreshing to see a new wave of workers throwing tradition aside to explore the advantages of choosing their own schedules. Not only does it allow the flexibility to indulge in your passions but it’s been shown in studies in Sweden that working less hours can actually result in increased productivity. Creating a good work-life balance will lead to happier workers and positivity is the greatest motivation you can have for any task.

Beyond having a more fulfilling life, long extensive hours can have a directly negative impact on your health. High numbers of working hours have been linked to the development of depression and even heart disease. With such great benefits to altering the amount you work or even fitting it to a better schedule for your particular lifestyle it seems like a no-brainer for people to take advantage of the new style of employment. Of course everyone is different and longer hours may suit some, which is why it’s so important to allow everyone to tailor their own experience.

A study of 68 nurses working less hours to suit themselves in Swedish retirement homes resulted in half as many sick days being used, less holiday booked, increased happiness, increased productivity and with increased energy were able to do 64% more activities with the residents.

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